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  • Chianti Classico DOCG Gran Selezione

    100% Sangiovese, Organic

    14.5% Alcohol

    Sei is the number six in Italian and there were many instances of this number coinciding with the production of this wine. This single-vineyard wine comes from a special selection of grapes in a vineyard area measuring 6.66 hectares with a vine density of 6,666 vines per hectare. The tonneaux barrels that are predominantly used for this wine hold 666 bottles of wine and Laura, the family matriarch was born on 6/6/46.

    Querceto di Castellina has been in the family since 1945. L'aura Chianti Classico was the very first wine produced by Querceto di Castellina in 1998, with about 3,300 bottles.The Querceto di Castellina production has consistently grown over the past 19 years and we’re thrilled to share the wines with wine lovers around the globe, selling in key markets within the United States, Canada, Russia and throughout Europe. And it's always a pleasure to personally introduce each guest of the winery and agriturismo to our natural elegant and organic wines.

  • Deep ruby at its core, the wine flashes bright red with every swirl. The aromas that delicately arise recall the long golden afternoons of summer - of salty caper flowers and fig leaves flourishing from sun-baked walls, of ripening figs and morello cherries with their ripe sweetness tempered by savory herbs, and nepitella an herb with a strong and distinctive woodsy flavor; a combination of mint, oregano and basil.

    Tannins are as firm as potter’s hands sculpting this wine into an elegant shape. The finish is long and intricate, with the promise of further stories to tell. Enjoy Sei, with time to spare, as this is a wine that must not be hurried. 

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