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Mostarda Mediterranea

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  • Brought to you by world famous butcher and chef, Dario Cecchini, this Mostarda Mediterranea is a sweet, delicately spicy and perfectly balanced jelly. On top of its complex taste, we also love the honey-like consistency of Mostarda Mediterranea relative to other jellies, with pureed peppers creating an even product that is perfect for both spreading and dipping.

    Ingredients: White sugar, red bell peppers, red wine vinegar, pectin, chili pepper

  • This Mostarda Mediterranea (Red Pepper Jelly) is made with a base of sweet red bell peppers and hot chili peppers. Sweet, delicately spicy and perfectly balanced it balances out salty cured meats, pair beautifully with soft cheeses and crusty bread. Compliments roasted or boiled meats, seafood, and even chocolate!

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