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Fattoria Betti Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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  • 2023 Harvest

    Size: 750ml

    Region: Tuscany, Italy

    Cheering up the table with wine and olive oil is an expression of the territory of the hills of Montalbano - a corner of Tuscany renowned since the time of Leonardo da Vinci.

    Alongside the cultivation of their vineyards, the estate of Fattoria Betti includes a 5 hectare olive grove with 1300 trees. They have always made the most of those olive trees with the aim of producing a characteristic of Tuscan excellence that the whole world knows and which is represented in their oil.

    Fattoria Betti Extra Virgin Olive Oil is crafted from the purest cold-pressing of hand picked perfectly whole olive varieties of Frantoio, Pendolino, Leccino and Moraiolo on site at the winery in their own frantoio (oil mill).

  • The perfect finishing oil; you will want to use this extra virgin olive oil at your dinner table when serving grilled grass-fed steaks or pour generously over any blanched winter green such as kale, chard, and beet greens. Elegantly swirl over blanched broccoli, creamy borlotti or cannellini beans, and chickpeas. Enjoy the explosion of flavors when simply using as a dip in pinzimonio (raw vegetable crudités).

    Betti Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023 has a very pungent and decisive character. The aroma is of fresh olives, just harvested and pressed. On the palate it is simultaneously bitter and spicy, with the typical Tuscan flavor of artichoke and wild arugula. In the mouth the feeling is very clean, with a long-lasting pleasant spiciness, and typical tuscan peppery finish.

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